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TTC month 2

Hello all, 

I’m 27 and it’s been 2 months since we started trying to conceive. My periods are very regular and my bmi is normal too. We have sex every alternate day in the peak period. Yet, only disappointed. Could this mean I’m not ovulating despite regular periods??? I haven’t used ovulation strips or BBT but I do see my discharge clear egg white like and plan to have sex. Anyone in a similar situation??? I’m really worried here as I’m not sure what can be done to conceive. 


  • Hey, 2 months is not very long. If I were you I would just try enjoy this part and your time will come. Remember, for a healthy couple it's likely and can take up to 12 months of sex in fertile window every month. That's pretty normal. Everything you said sounds pretty normal to be honest. It's there a reason why you are stressing?? Seems like everything is as it should be you just have to be patient and not expect it to happen this soon. Hope that's a comfort. 
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