Just need to.....

I had an ectopic nearly 2 months now, was off work for 3 weeks, I am crying a lot lately & not sleeping well and wondered if anyone else had experience of this? I am trying to stay positive but finding it so hard at the minute! Only back on here a few days as have not been up to it b4 now! Hope all u girls are keeping well xo


  • hey hun, am sorry to hear ur struggling, but it really is ok and will get easier i promise! some find coming on here too much, other like me found it a life saver at the start! i think the grief effects us all diff, maybe you could visit your doc? or take a holiday? did u have the medication which means u cant ttc agin for 3 months? maybe when u can that'll help as it gives you something positive to focus on... (((((((hugs))))))) xx
  • :\?Thanks RK, I did get the medication yes, would love a holiday but used up most of my holidays already! Have had to see a temporary doctor since this all happened but finally going to see my regular doctor on Friday so hopefully he will be able to help me! I know this is TMI so sorry, but ive been having this pink CM this past week as well so that has been worrying as well, I will be happy to reach the 3 month mark
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