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Is it positive?

My period is 8 days late, with no signs of starting, I don’t want to get my hopes up but can anyone see the line or am I seeing things? Think I may have ovulated later than normal but didn’t track so can’t be sure 


  • Hiya! I can see a faint line? I’m exactly the same as you but my tests have had the faintest line for 3 days which makes me think it’s not the real deal. I’m like 5 days late with no typical symptoms of period coming. Very confusing!! 
  • It’s driving me mad at this point I’d rather just have my period come to start a new cycle then this waiting game of am I or am I not pregnant 
  • Same!! I’m really wanting my period now so I can just start again. I am going to the doctors tomorrow and maybe get some blood work? Let me know any updates :) 
  • Update I think I’ve started spotting never been so happy to potentially start my period 😂
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