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Very very faint line frer

I had a miscarriage last August and did not get my period until 9/9. It only lasted two days. It was heavy on day two then immediately stopped. I tested flashy smiley faces on clear blue ovulation kit with last day of testing 9/23. I was unable to test the following few days due to being busy but tested blank circle on 9/26. I’m pretty sure I ovulated that weekend based on CM. 

I began having lotion white cm (lots of it) and now very watery with white cm mixed in. Sorry if TMI. My cervix is still high slightly open and feels medium and wet. I’ve had light cramps, pressure, pulling and prickly pains very low on my abdomen. I also had nausea. Today, as of now, the cramping and other pains had sort of passed. I still feel it coming and going but not as much. I’ve also been experiencing nausea the last few days with no vomiting. I took a first response test last night and BFN. Today, I saw a very faint line. Barley visible but a light pink tint when held into the light. Has anyone experienced this? 
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