I dont understand what is happening - UPDATE

Hi everyone,

I had a MMC on 6th Oct. My periods went straight back to normal as of 6th November and 6th Dec. However in January, my period came 4 days early and was very light. Now this month it has come 6 days early, I had a bit of what I call "breakthru" bleed and then i had a few spots but today I have had nothing. I really dont know what is happening. Its really frustrating cos ive had cramps since ovulation and really thort we had done it this month.

Has anyone else had this and can shed some light on it, im getting really upset about it! I just want my body to be back to normal and to have a baby to end my misery that this miscarriage has brought on me and my darling hubby x

Sorry for the rant x :\?

UPDATE - well im booked in for docs on Friday. However, my friend convinced me to do a test and it was POSITIVE BFP!!! I still dont think its real. But a test cant lie right. It was a CBD. Does this mean the bleed was implantation or something to worry about. My last period was 2 Jan and I have 30 day cycles. Should I still go to docs? I want them to do a test and tell me it is real!!

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  • Hi there
    I am sorry I can't shed any light but I thought I would just reply to say I totally understand. I am in almost the same situation.
    I had a MMC in April last year and had weird AF until about July. They then seemed to go back to normal of about 30 days, OV on day 17. But since October I have been all over the place. The last 3 cycles, had off spotting mid cycle, then this cycle been using CBFM, charting and no apparent sign I ovulated. I am now on CD32 and no sign of AF. Am totally convinced now there is something wrong with me.
    I am also really upset about it as it is hard enough trying to get pregnant without all of this. I really thought I would be pregnant again by now.
    I am off to the doctors tomorrow about it so will let you know how I get on and if I can shed any light on it.
    (is there any chance it could be an implantation bleed?)
  • Hi hun, welcome to BE, although I wish you could have joined us in happier circumstances.

    How long have you had the breakthrough beeld for? I'm sorry I'm not much help, but all I know is that it really does mess up our bodies.

    Some other lovely ladies on here may be able to help though

  • Well after the ERPC my periods went straight back to normal for Nov and Dec. Jan's was light and 4 days early bt I still bleed every day. Now this month it is 6 days early. The breakthru bleed TMI alert, was only a splodge! And then a few drops over the day but today, ive had absolutely nothing. I am normally like clockwork thats why I am soo upset. I always cramp a few hours before period and the it flows like a tap. I cant get in at the docs til Thurs.

    I dont think its implantation, i didnt have that last time I was PG
  • Dafodilly, that would be great for some feed back after you been to the docs, I hope he is able to help you too. Miscarriage is the worst experience ive ever had, and just hope we never have to experience it again x
  • Hi hun

    Im really sorry just read your update, sadly you will still have a positive test as the hcg is still in your system. You could ask your epu to give you one more scan before the procedure. I have done this before our last mmc in Aug I just couldnt beleive that our baby had no heartbeat & was booked in for an erpc I cancelled it & asked epu for 1 last scan with help from my GP once reconfirmed that there was no change I then went ahead with the erpc.

    Im sorry your going through this hun xxx
  • heya chick,
    i really hope u r preg again and its not just hcg from the last pregnancy! i think u should go to the docs anyway.
    did u do a test after your mc that came out negative??
  • my mmc was 4 months ago, so its deffo not that. Think u may have misread or may be the way I put it. My mmc was in October. I have a bit of spotting 4 days before my period and wondered what it was. Ive not had anything since so did a HPT and it was a BFP, going to docs cos im still worried about the bleed but assuming it must have been implantation
  • well it sounds to me as though you may be preg again, spec if you did a CBD!
    How many weeks did it say??
    let us know what happens at the docs image
    good luck!! xxx
  • it was a CBD but I darent let myself be happy about it. The CBD said 1-2. Is implantation quite common. Im soo worried somethings now wrong cos of the little bleed x
  • OMG im so sorry hun, I misread your post, apologies.

    Let me start over, def a new pg, congratulations.
    You may have had an implantation bleed as it hasnt continued lots of women here have had small bleeds & everything been ok. Maybe your GP can arrange an early scan for you.

    Good Luck & once again im sorry for mis-reading your post xxx
  • i really do hope you have a happy ending to your situation......

    let us know what the doctor says

  • I have my fingers crossed for you both!

    Sounds like a def BFP, but understand that it must be hard to get excited, after a m/c you're so cautious.

    Good luck and keep us in the loop! xxxx
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