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Ov test twice in once cycle - 1 solid, now blinking

Giving full details hoping someone can help my brain here...

We have been TTC since early February, so this is our 9th month trying. I'm tracking ovulation using clearblue. 15 days ago I received my solid smiley, suggesting I will ovulate within 24-36 hours. After the 48hr hold ended, I tested again to be sure where I was, and it was solid again. This was 12 days ago. Knowing that ovulation should occur withing the 24-36 hr range, I should have ovulated somewhere between 10-15 days ago. 

Now my symptoms...
I have been gassy and constipated for the past 7 or so days
3 days ago I noticed a huge increase in CM, so tested ovulation again and its blinking
2 days ago ov test blinking
Yesterday ov test blinking, boobs tender, cervix high soft and closed, headache, low grade fever
Today boobs are killing me, cervix is still closed, but havnt tested ov yet

I have taken a preg test every morning since Friday and so far still BFN

I've done extensive research about possibly ovulating twice, usually this can occur days apart but mine happened almost 2 weeks apart. Right now ov test doesn't suggest im ovulating but it is reading that my oestrogen is high. I've read that this can also happen before AF, and boobs can be tender because of that too. AF is expected within the next 4 days,

So I guess my thought is this - assuming I did ovulate the first round, I could be anywhere from 10DPO to 15DPO. Is it possible im on the earlier side of DPO and the symptoms the past few days were due to implantation which is why HCG isnt registering yet? What does everyone think? GOING CRAZY!


  • I hate the waiting game. Last night I still had a low grade fever, cervix was mushy and closed, ovulation test still blinking suggesting my estrogen is still high. AF supposed to show within 2 day timeframe. Feel like I'm out but internally hoping this month is something
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