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Polyp removal - Anyone had?

Hi ladies,

I hope you are all well. We have been trying to conceive for over 2 years and only recently plucked up the courage to start the testing process. Husbands tests all come back fine, my day 21 tests were in the normal range for ovulation, periods are super regular and normal so I then got referred for an ultrasound and internal scan. Just had an appointment with the doctor today to discuss the results and they have said that ovaries etc all look fine and one even had some post ovulatory fluid on so thats all good. But they have found an endometrial polyp at the top part of my womb. She can't say for sure that this is causing our problem conceiving, she said they can certainly be a factor as the positioning of it is where the egg would implant and size wise its 8.1mm and the fundal end of the endometrial cavity is only 10.3mm so it's certainly taking up a lot of space where it is.

Anyway, she said they want to remove it as they next step but has said the wait time is 12-18 months for this!  I am a very patient person but I am so conscious that I am already 37 years old and we could wait all that time to have this removed and we don't even know if it is 100% the issue. I have had a little look at going private which seems to be a cost of £2500 plus and again we could find that money if we knew it was going to 100% work but I am so worried that it could be something else as well. 

Has anyone been in this position? I haven't had the dye test on my tubes done so I don't know if they are all clear or if they would even have seen that on the scan the doctor never mentioned.

Thanks so much in advance for any help! x


  • Yes I had a polyp removal, it was via hysteroscopy but on NHS the wait time was too long so I went private as I also have private insurance. Worth investing in as found out today I am BFP. As for the polyp, it is good to remove but some doctors told me that it's also ok to try with it...good luck!
  • @EvelineMopshdhsl Aw thanks so much for the reply! Yes the NHS wait time is so long so definitely looking at private. I think I am just worried about finding all that money and then actually it's something else like a tube blockage which I'm not sure they can tell from the ultrasound I have had done if thats an issue.

    I didnt even ask the doctor if it was ok to try with it so thanks for clarifying! 

    Ohh congratulations! Thats amazing news! How long ago was it you had the polyp removed? Also did it hurt lol?x

  • Polyps create a risk to pregnancy so it's always best to remove them but all other checks are also important. I had mine removed in Feb this year but still couldn't get private hospital put me on Letrozole without monitoring and worked first time.
  • Ah, the actual procedure doesn't hurt. Just a few hours in the hospital and was home in the afternoon. You can read about hysteroscopy online, it's quite a common and safe procedure. Good luck!
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