Calling all those who had a d&c

Also posted in pg after mc

I had a d&c on 9th April after a confirmed mc on 19th March.
I then fell pregnant and got a bfp on 20th May only to lose it again on 29th May, I did have a very short cycle inbetween the mc & pg but it was light and only for 2 days.

I'm dying to start trying again and i know i should wait 1 month like the docs say (and we will wait 1 cycle) but they seem to think my lining was too thin 2nd time round after the d&c.

Just wondering really how long it took people to have a h&h pregnancy after a d&c. Should i wait longer than 1 month?? I just hate waiting image


  • Thanks for asking this srus2710, I've been wondering this too as worried about my lining after ERPC, been stalking the preg after MC forum!!

    Hope you get some positive answers xx
  • I had a D&C but only just 3 weeks ago so cant help you im afraid. Hope you get some answers xxx
  • I had my ERPC on 9th Feb - lost another v early bean since then and still waiting for a H&H preg!
  • Hi, G/C, after my first MC i had a d and c and didnt wait at all. I had a few days of bleeding then pretty much started trying and got my BFP 5 weeks later. He is 4 now, everything went fine. Ive since had another 2 kids and another mc

    Hope that helps

    Gemm x
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