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BBT Chart Interpretation - Help please :)

I am TTC my second child and this is my fourth month charting. I normally have a fairly typical chart (CD 14 Ovulation, 14 day Luteal Phase etc...). Last cycle I had a slow decrease in my BBT six days before my period arrived, chart is below. This is unusual for me, I usually get a BBT drop 1 or 2 days before AF arrives. Everything I have read says 1 or 2 days before is typical/normal. Nothing I have read (TCOYF, YouTube, forums) mentions a slow decrease in BBT for a whole week before AF. Does anyone know what this means? Is it healthy? What could have caused it? All help is appreciated! #TTC #SendBabyDust


  • Maybe this time it was gradual drop coz of hormones my drops sometimes happen 24 or 48 hours earlier and sometimes across 5 to 6 days.
  • Thankyou for replying @Nadz88, It is good to know it is healthy and happens to others too! I thought it meant something was wrong with me/my cycle.
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