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What should I think?

Hi guys, long time no speak!

Currently going through a lot of medical issues, so trying to not get pregnant. I cant actually take the pill and i dont really want any other medications running through my body so been using condoms, but I haven't been feeling right and alot of my piercings have swelt up (which happened when I was pregnant with my first). I took a test yesterday, and I thought I could see the faintest line but pretty sure I had line eyes so classed as negative. I took another today, just to be sure. Took it before school run, was running mega late so didn't check but when I came back to it later... there's a dark red second line.

I know I shouldn't have checked after such a long time but I've never had this happen to me.. ever!! And I've done alot of tests! 

Wouldn't be ideal for me to have at this moment in time, so what does everyone think? 

Help me out!!! 

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