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Not sure if pregnant…

So for a bit of background; I’m 19 and my periods have historically been extremely routine (like, starting on the 27th of almost each month routine).

I last had sex on the 5th (?) of last month, so only a couple of days after my period ended, but (this is kind of embarrassing sorry) the condom got lost inside. Now my period is around 10 days late. I took two tests around 3 days after I realised and both were negative, however right now I’m getting what feels like burning heat all over my body, I feel nauseous, and I just kind of feel like somethings wrong. 

I’m only in my first year of uni so I’m kind of terrified, and will get another test asap, I just wanted to get some other peoples opinion. 

Thank you!


  • I’ve just realised I might have put this in the wrong discussion area, I’m not actively trying to conceive but would still love opinions from women with genuine first-hand information xx
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