Hi All,
OK so the last few days i've felt really hungry all day even thought i've eaten 3 meals a day and a few snacks between. Do you think this is a sign i could be PG. I didn't experience this last time at all really. Also, I don't ke to test alot cos i don't like getting my hopes up and can't really afford to test for the sake of it so want to wait as long as possible but i don't know how long my cycles are as when i came of my pill i had 2 cycles, one which was 36 days and the other was 26 days, then i got PG. When i miscarried I had AF 5 weeks later and now i'm on my next cycle. If i count my cycle as 28 days i was due on on when should i test....leave it a week or two if i haven't come on??? Heeeeelp!!LOL


  • Perhaps if you can wait a week or two then it might be worth doing so....thats if you can wait....i wouldn't be able to!
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