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Need some advise

Hi All, 

I am 25 years old and I have been on the contraceptive pill since I was 16. I’ve never been particularly good at taking it on time ect. However never fallen pregnant! Which scares me 

me and my partner for the last 4 months have decided to come off all contraception and if we fall pregnant then great. 

I’ve recently for the past month/two months been tracking my periods and making sure I am having sex during ovulation periods! 

Is there anything I can do to speed this up? 

After unprotected sex when can I take a pregnancy test? 


  • If someone could reply it would be appreciated :)
  • The day your period is due, some tests are sensitive enough to test 6 days before a missed period.
  • Thank you so much! My period is due today, however no show of period yet! I had abit of cramping last night in my right side, felt like a stitch pain! Could that be a sign? I will do a test tonight 

    Isit normal to come off contraception (pill that was continuous, had no breaks) and not fall pregnant straight away? 
  • take the test in the morning first thing you wake up for more accurate results. cramping can be due to pregnancy could also just be a period arriving.

    everyone's body is different some people fall pregnant right away others struggle before getting their cycles back to normal.

  • Hello! 

    I took the test, it was negative! I’m 2 days late 

    I was apparently fertile between 28th October and 3rd November! I had unprotected sex on 30th October and 2nd November - Isit to early to test?
  • should be positive by now but mybe wait few days and test again. 
    HCG should double every 96 hours
  • I Came off the pill in SEP, after you stopped the pill were your cycles regular.

    did you have a cycle the following month?
  • It’s our next month - I am 4 days late. I tested Sunday and it’s negative. I had unprotected sex on 3rd, 4th,11th and 18th December! I was ovulating between29th Nov and 5th December! I am getting abit of cramping today. But no sign of period! What do you think? 
  • This is me I’m the same 5 days late 4 negative tests but still no period which isn’t like me 
  • I have posted but no response would love to know if it’s happened to anyone else but has been pregnant 
  • I’m 7 days late. I haven’t tested since 4th day but I’m scared I’m going to be let down! I’m almost putting off testing and I don’t know why! X 
  • Omg I’m exactly the same I’m holding out till after Xmas I’m scared to test x
  • Omg let’s both message on 27th xxxx
  • Yes please keep me updated xx
  • Have you had any signs? Xx
  • Only mild cramping have you xx
  • Me too on like Thursday but that’s it!xx
  • I’ve also had abit of lower back pain x
  • Have you tested xx
  • Came on this morning 😩 never mind hope it’s a positive for you x
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