all over the shop!

My mind is on overtime! arghhhhhhhhhhh

I am on cycle day 21 and want to do a test NOW lol! it is all I can think about. this is my first month TTC after the miscarraige and I am making myself think I am pregnant again already, which I know is really silly.

I was hoping I would now just go with the flow and wait and see what happens but I cant stop thinking about it at the weekends!

tut to me for being a drama queen!

Is everyone else feeling like they think it will happen first time trying again?


  • absolutely! I think I have just ov'd for the first time since m/c and I've been doing everything I can to hit the jackpot, but it suddenly dawned on me today that that doesn't necessary equal baby and I felt a bit crestfallen.I guess I just want it so much!

    but there's nothing wrong with a bit of PMA!
  • Good luck you two!!! I am only on cd 9 so not ovulated yet but think I will just be the same as you two!
  • I totally convinced myself I was pregnant again within a few weeks of my mc - we only tried very half heartedly before my first AF arrived so the chances were very slim. Even so, I was sooo disappointed when I got a BFN and AF arrived soon after. I'm now on cycle 2 post mc and AF is due next week - I really don't think we have done it this month but on cycle 1 I was also convinced we had. It's just because we want it to be true so much. Hope you get your BFP really soon.
  • Good luck girls I have spent many a cycles like that, dying to test & convincing myself im pg LOL.

    Who ever said ttc would send us into a frenzy LOL!!

    Good luck girls I hope your instincts are right & you've got some super sticky beanies getting comfy xxx
  • lets hope so, it took me all my effort to not do a POAS before!!! ahhhhhhhh
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