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Positive Pregnancy test after an ERPC

Hi all,

I had my ERPC on 21 January. Yesterday I decided to do a pregnancy test as I wanted to ensure that it was negative before starting to try to conceive again. I was surprised that 8 days after my operation it still said I was pregnant. I don't want to start trying agin before it is negative as if I do become pregnant how will I know my test result is not positive due to the last pregnancy.

Is it normal that a pregnancy test is still positive over a week after my operation? Has anyone else experienced this? When will it be negative? I presume it is impossible to ovulate when your body still thinks it is pregnant.


  • I tested with a cheapie ebay stick about a week ago 11 days after op and there was an extremely faint second line. Haven't tried since.
  • Hi, well you know I had my negative last week but I think that is quick... some people take longer. My best friend had a D&C last year and it took her alot longer to get a negative.
    Give it a few more days, it will come xx
  • I had an ERPC on 9th Jan. Took a CBD about 10-14 days after and it said I was 2-3 weeks pg. I took a Boots cheapie this morning and it came out negative. From what I've read it can take a while for your hcg levels to lower less than 5. If you still get a positive test about 4 weeks after I would see a gp just in case.

    I just want things to go back to normal so to speak. x
  • i haven't had an erpc but had a complete mc 4 weeks ago and am still getting BFP's...bought some ebay cheapies to check again next week and if it's still the same i'll phone EPU x
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