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The waiting game

Hey, i just want to see if anyone wants to share their ttc journey with me. Im about 10dpo and due on my period in a day (wednesday 30th) but I would usually have began spotting 4-5 days prior to my period but nothing this month. Apart from that I’ve been feeling wet down there for about a week now when usually around this time its pretty much dry or just thick discharge. Another symptom is extremely sore boobs that i would never ever get usually. Fingers crossed… i will be testing on the due date of my period and hope its a positive. This is baby no. 2 


  • Im due for my period today whereby i’d always start spotting 3-4 days prior but nothing this month. No sign of period coming. Still have sore boobs and headache too today.. tested negative. Left very confused because im always alwayss early on my period especially with spotting. Tests couldnt be wrong though could it i used the frer 
  • Started spotting yesterday which means I'm still late on my period.. will be just waiting for af now. Boobs still very sore especially at night. 
  • Any update? 
  • My period ended up coming.. its shocking how many symptoms i had and period still came. But now onto next cycle, fingers crossed :)
  • That’s what happened to me last cycle :( had a bunch of pregnancy symptoms and not many of my “usual” period symptoms so I was convinced that I wasn’t getting my period, it did end up coming  a few days late
    how long have you guys been trying?
  • Its really frustrating isnt it :( its been about 4-5 months now that we are trying. Yourself? 
  • This is month 3, just starting the 2 week wait. First kid too, so not sure how long it’ll take 
  • Aww best of luck and fingers crossed that it will be your month! :)
    this will be our second baby, our first took 4 cycles :) let me know how you get on with symptoms etc :)
  • @Pressureve how are you getting on? 
  • Hey just need some advise - this is cycle 3 for me and my partner. I was due on 18th December and no sign of period! I am 11 days late. Been getting symptoms of tiredness, sore boobs, thirsty, weeing a lot more than usual. I’ve just tested and it says I’m negative but the test doesn’t look completely clear! Any advise will be helpful xxx
  • Maybe try another brand test tomorrow morning xx
  • I thought clear blue is one of the best! What would you suggest x 
  • I’m doing ok, didn’t get pregnant cycle 3, so now starting cycle 4 and waiting to ovulate. Hoping this will be our month. How are you??
  • Also sorry I’m so new to this and not very clued up. Are you supposed to have sex everyday your fertile and on ovulation day? 
  • @Bry1998 it should be but since the control line isnt distinct it could be faulty and considering how late you are on your period it makes me question whats goingg on! Fingers crossed you get the results you wish for✨

    @Pressureve Im due on my period on the 1st but have been spotting for 5 days now, brown and veryy little.. i do have just a few symptoms but because i was pregnant before i compare the symptoms and these are nowhere near the same as my first pregnancy so im telling myself they arent actual symptoms. Thinking if i should test tomorrow or not.. i dont want the heartbreak really because i have spotted before my periods always but it usually increases over the days and doesnt just last this long
  • @Bry1998 it says to have it every day during the fertile period or every other day.. up until about a dah after ovulation (just incase the egg is still hanging in there)😀 
  • @Hazelll well I’m hoping for the best for you
    i have long cycles, 30-32 days so I don’t ovulate until CD18 so it’s a big waiting game 
  • Good luck to all you ladies!! It’s such a big thing for everyone and I really appriciatw all your comments! X
  • It can feel lonely this journey so its lovely to know theres actual people who are going through a similar journey and just supporting eachother. I hope this month is our month ladies xx
  • Morning all - I am now 2 weeks late. Still no sign of period! Please see this photo - the read hearts on the dates are the days I had unprotected sex. Is there a chance I can be pregnant but it’s just to early to tell please let me know your thoughts 
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