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Trying to conceive after 12 years and multiple health problems 'sigh'

So we have been trying to conceive for 6-7 months now not doing anything special to help but our age is hes 22 I'm 36 and I have previously had 5 children eldest is 19 youngest is 12 ( twins amongst ) I was with there dad 19 years but free and with a new caring man that hasn't got any kids as of yet I'd love to give him just one but here's the next issue my Health  problems I have serve Crohn's disease , multiable surgeries major ones at that and I had pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer grade 2 spread to 2 out of 28 Lymth nodes which I had whipple for and they gave me 6 months to 5 years return rate it's been 4 and still going strong and cancer free! But with the surgery I have multiple health issues and my Crohn's disease has me all sorts of issues . I had a left ovary flipped from the inflammation in my large bowel that hurt ! Soooo my last period was when I was in hospital the 20th of November so I thought during a Crohn's flare but it was only for 3 days and extremely light but it was only day 21-22 of my cycle when my cycle ranges earliest 26-32 . I haven't had any bleeding since my cervix is high and soft , my skin is breaking out , boobs are killing me and tingling , I'm moody , off and on feeling sick , peeing a lot and extremely thirsty , almost noticed my vagina is feeling extremely tight I've been light headed and because I don't have the head of my pancreas if I am pregnant I have to be careful I guess . Did I mention I have no belly button from the last surgery and the whipple before that I had 67 staples ! So my abdomen is a mess ! I've had a lot of tingles in the uterus esp the left side and a pulling feeling . I wanna get a test but I don't wanna get disappointed 😞 my partner thinks we will never get pregnant so I hate getting his hopes up too . I might need to do a sneaky test and keep it to myself ! Oh and I'm a sick tired person but the exhaustion reminds me of when I was pregnant with my twins ! So I guess I'm here asking for support cause long story short my ex has left me very alone turned all my family against me it gets lonely I don't trust now so why not come talk to strangers I find they listen better anyways ! Im wondering do you think it could be implant bleeding and what can I do to help us conceive ? It's been a long time since I've had to think about it and I'm no spring chicken . Wishing all you ladies lots of Angel dust cause I know we need it ❤️
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