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Faint bfp yesterday, bfn today??

GenLillyGenLilly Regular
edited Dec 13, 2022 10:06AM in Trying to conceive
We've been trying to conceive for a year with no success until now, or so I thought...

I tested 2 days ago and got bfn, AF was due yesterday, I got a faint positive on two different brand of tests (multiple of each), but a bfn with a Clear Blue test.

I did more tests this morning and just got bfns, has this happened to anyone else?Β 

Had some minor cramping last night and some really light spotting, very light brown in colour. Got really minor cramping still today but no spotting, slightly sore boobs, acne (but always have acne so hard to tell if it's worse than usual), feeling slightly bloated but no other symptoms.

3 tests are today, 7 are yesterday, some fainter than others but definitely faint positives on all of themI saw a faint positive for the first time, got excited and did more tests out of disbelief, please don't judge πŸ˜†
Sorry for the poor quality photo!
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