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Have I ovulated? First month off the pill

Hi! I'm new to the TTC community and just trying to understand ovulation after nearly 9 years on the combined pill! My last contraceptive pill was the 21st November and I have been taking Conceive Plus Ovulation Support and Fertility Support since the end of Nov. I've been doing daily Ovulation tests which have all pretty much been low. I then suddenly got a surge of LH (0.91) on the 11th Dec PM, since then it has dropped and this has been highlighted as my peak on pre mom. Around this date I also started with sore breasts/nipples and some lower abdominal and back pain, which I still have now. Does this surge and symptoms mean I have possibly ovulated? I read ovulation generally returns 2-4 weeks after stopping BC so this would be about right for me. We did the BD 4 times in the week leading to my predicted Ovulation date (including on predicted Ovulation day). We have also been used Conceive Plus fertility lubricant. 
I'm wanting to know if this sounds like I could have ovulated, understand what the TWW is and when is best to test? I know I'm still fresh off the pill so may not necessarily get a period this month (would be due around Xmas Eve). 
Any help and understanding is appreciated!
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