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1 day late for AF, but getting negative tests

Hi everyone,
According to my tracking app I am currently 1 day late for AF (due yesterday) but still getting negative tests. App says I should test tomorrow. My test this morning on a Clearblue was inconclusive (no control line showed) then the next two I took later in the day were negative including a FRER. I am always on time for my AF, was before BC and have been ever since I stopped in about August. This is our first month properly tracking each time we BD too.

I have had cramps for about a week, nauseous in the nights, headaches, sensitive nipples and enlarged breasts so I've been thinking all signs point to pregnancy (I don't normally get PMS symptoms). My cervix also feels soft and high.

It's a possibility I could have ovulated later too, I'm not 100% sure because I wasn't tracking that other than going off what my app suggested.

App says I ovulated 12th Jan but also BD around the 16th-19th so if I was late there's a chance there.

Has anyone tested positive after being negative in the early days of being late? Needing some hope, otherwise I just wish AF would come so I can start trying again!

Wishing baby dust to anyone reading this xx


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