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Prenatal vitamin uncertainty.

Hi Everyone,
Prenatal vitamin uncertainty.
I am new to this board. I am currently trying for a baby. I started tracking my periods over the last 3 months. Initially month 1 I had a 28/9 day cycle with 7/8 day bleed. Month 2 I had a 29/30 day cycle, 7 day bleed. Month 3 I had a 30/31 day cycle, 5 day bleed. The only changes I have made is taking preconception pregnacare vitamins over 3 months ago and vitamin B6 a month ago-50mg daily. 

My query is are these changes a good or a bad thing? I have noticed in my tracking that I ovulate later in the month,day 19/20, so is there a possibility the vitamins are lengthening my luethal phase or could they be just delaying ovulation? Should I keep taking them or stop? Does anyone know if it is the vitamins,how much could they expand a luethal phase by? 

I am hoping some of you will have experience with this. 

Thanks a lot.


  • Hi, what tracker do you use? Inside my iyoni tracker I can consult fertility specialists if I have any concerns. They get access to all my reports and see the history of all changes.  You need to check your tracker to see what features it offers. Hope this helps. x
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