4 Weeks Since ERPC..Finally Have A Negative PG Result!

Hey Ladies!
Went to doctors 2day cos for the last 2 days iv had bad pains! could be AF coming??? but feels worse then period pains!! i explained to my doctor but the miscarriage and how iv done 3 tests since and theyve been positive so she done one for me there and finally came back Negative!! Relieved cos i know im getting back to normal but the upset cos i would have loved it to say pregnant and actuali be pregnant, if that makes sense!!
im on antibiotics cos from an internal examination she reckons i might have an infection so i have a week off tablets to take!
Stil waiting for AF... Should be anyday now! but im going by my normal 28 days cycle before i was pregnant so knowing me and my body it will probably be another week or so!
iv started getting quite abit of white discharge but the doctor said thats just cos im getting back to normal and means im ovulating...
Me and the bf are still apart, having some time to think. i want another baby.. he doesnt... not sure what to do really cos hes adamant he wants to wait either a year or two! i really dont want to wait that long but i dont want to lose him either!... lifes sooo cruel!!!
Well Anyways I Hope Everyones Ok!


  • HI Calire, don't think we have spoken on here yet. Sorry to hear you are having troubled times with your BF, I hope things turn out the way you hope them too. I too am on antiobiotics at present, after my ERPC last wednesday and they are making me constipated - great! Just what I need!!!.

    Anyway, take it easy.

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