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Trying to conceive and jealousy of others who have.

Hi. I’m a 25 year old female. Me and my husband have been together 7 years and got married last March. This month now marks a year of trying and we have had no luck. As the year has went on many friends and family have fallen pregnant. Recently someone close has unexpectedly fallen pregnant with someone after one month and is opting for a termination which I agree with in every way. Her body her choice and not her time right now. Another close person fell pregnant to someone she was seeing for 5 months. I am constantly seeing all these people getting pregnant around me. And I am over the moon for each and every person who has conceived. But I am sad for me. I feel jealousy. I feel upset. I feel anger. I just want to be a mummy so much. And my husband wants to be a dad. This is basically just a big rant. I feel like a horrid person for all this jealously within me. 


  • Jealousy is ok to feel. It's a feeling that we all experience when we are on the long road to pregnancy 😔 my husband and I tried for 13 months for our current pregnancy. It almost broke us but in the end we are so much stronger from it. You will make it through this because just when you feel like you can't go any happens. My heart goes out to you during this hard time ❤️ also keep in mind that our ovaries are programmed to only give a good egg at certain times. The gap gets bigger the older we get. You've made it this far, trust your body❤️
  • @RainbowJourney thank you so much for your reassurance. 13 months is a long time. But 100% worth it in the end. Luckily me and my husband are fine. No fights or drama. We are just sad and waiting. 
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