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5days late but negative test

I'm so confused. I'm normally on time with my period but I'm now 5 days late. I've done a few tests and been negative. I tried to track my ovulation at the predicted time given by an app and I couldn't find a confirmed ovulation. So either I didn't or I did later in the month. Apparently later ovulation can mean tests are negative until 1-2 weeks after a missed period. 
Has anyone experienced this? I'm trying so hard not to get my hopes up or upset
Thanks ladies.


  • I’m in this predicament currently I’ve always been every 28 days with a 5 day period, currently on day 35 (so 5 days late) took 2 tests, one today one yesterday both negative but no sign of period coming, feel sick bloated & no interest in smoking anymore, I am assuming I ovulated later than my app suggested, but have no idea now whether I’m testing to early or just extremely late, I really hope you get the result you want, but your not alone 
  • 7 days late sorry 
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