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Hi Ladies

I have come accross from the IVF forum, as after I conceived following 1 cycle of IVF, I sadly miscarried at about 5.5 weeks image

On Monday 9th, I had the procedure to remove the pregnancy, as the medical management failed and I wondered when to expect to ovulate following all that?

Any assistance is gratefully accepted, as I am comfused.com right now!!!!


Emma x


  • GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH BE ate my nice long reply!!!

    Hi Emma,
    so sorry to read of your loss, I hope you and OH are ok and coping well. It really is the most awful thing to happen.
    I had my mc 5 weeks ago and have only just got AF, I'm not sure when or even IF I ov'd in between, my body was a little messed up and giving me all sorts of signs. Maybe you should use OPK's if you want to try and track it this month? I wasn't ready for all the monitoring stuff and just wanted to get back to normal asap. (or get a BFP again haha).
    Sorry I can't be more help, but everyone's bodies react differently and some take longer to recover than others.
    What did help me lots was coming in to this forum and chatting to the lovely, supportive ladies in here, who seem to be an endless fountain of knowledge!
  • Thanks very much HT- sorry to hear of your loss too- it's just horrendous.

    Re ovulating, it's even more confusing because I have mild PCOS, so never really knew where I stood before all this!!!

    I'll just crack on and try not to get too obsessed. Totally agree about the forum- there's a wealth of knowledge on here.

    Emma xx
  • Sorry to hear of your loss, i had med management of my mmc which was discovered at 12 weeks, which thankfully worked although a horrible experience! i ov'd after 6 weeks and AF 2 weeks after that. xx
  • Hi Emma

    So sorry to hear of your loss. I had a D&C to remove mmc at 15 weeks (baby had died at 11+5) I ov'd on CD20 - counting day of op as CD1 and AF arrived on CD35.

    Take care Karen xx
  • Thanks girls- that does help, because I really had no idea what to expect. I am just desperate to get back to some kind of 'normal' cycle and to start afresh. I'm quite sure you have all felt like that after your miscarriages too...:-/

    Thanks again xx
  • kazza74 ,you sound quite like me but wondered when you got a negative hpt.i did tests yesterday and today and whats worrying me is still a positive.too strong for my liking.i got a neg within two weeks after last mmc and i was eleven weeks going in for dand c.i also lost blood so wouldve assumed the hcg wouldve gone with the plasma of the blood as well.this is a month now.we have been together since but only four times.this is strange for me.xxxxxx
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