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I give up, please advise…

Hi everyone 
just need a bit of help
in 38 years old and I’ve been trying to conceive since June 2021 so almost 2 years, before this I have always been on the cerelle pill and was on this for over 10 years can’t remember exactly how long! I’ve never been pregnant before. Me and my partner don’t live together so having time on our own is very limited. We maybe have sex once or twice a week. I’ve checked ovulation calenders to see when is best etc but I’m starting to give up or feel like it’s not going to happen especially as age is on my side. Can you please help me? 😩


  • Hi, I am so sorry you are going through this. It's best to visit your fertility specialists and do tests to see whether there are any underlying issues. Good luck
  • Age is a factor yes but you don’t have to be 21 to get pregnant! Tracking ovulation and maximising intercourse during your peak days is  a tried and tested effective method….if this is something you can increase that is. But just to put your mind at ease and answer some of your burning questions make an appointment with an expert to see where you stand and get professional advice. Can’t hurt 
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