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A little blue

Hi Girls

Just looking for some PMA from somewhere as I am feeling totally fed up today. Got my first AF at the weekend since the mc and it's really brought me down. I guess its reminded me about the whole horrible experience. Hubs has tried to be supportive but I keep biting his head off.
Sorry to post a depressing message but I just needed to get it down so I can hopefully stop being such a grinch !

I need to find that PMA :cry:

Bubs xx


  • Hi hun, aww ((((hugs)))) we all get them days sweetie, try and look at it this way, AF has arrived so you know where you are in your cycle now and can begin trying again for your little bundle.
    It helps me to picture what I'll be doing this time next year, I plan to have a giggly 3 month old and will be chatting to you about how you're getting on with your little one image xx
  • I just got my first AF too and at first felt upset, I think it is the final step of losing our little ones. But like Huni said it shows that your body is back to normal now and you are ready to start ttc again. I am feeling more positive now and looking forward to ttc, hopefully we will all have good news to report soon

    Loads of sticky baby dust to us all!!!!

  • Hiya
    I know exactly how you feel! But I try and be abit more positive when AF arrives and I am grateful that my body appears to be behaving itself and my cycles seem to be regular for the first time in my life! Just think its your uterus getting ready for your fertilised egg in two weeks time!! Sending you huge pile of PMA!
  • they get easier to bear i promise and ditto what huni says! xx
  • Thanks girlies - you do make me feel better. I am definitely trying to be more positive today.

    Fingers crossed for an April BFP xxxx
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