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This is the first time I’ve ever wrote in a blog so I don’t no what to expect. 

Anyway I first started trying for a baby back in 2015 and after years of heartbreak in 2019 I finally got pregnant and had a beautiful daughter. 

Last year me and my husband decided to start trying again and month after month I’m back in the same place of feeling heartbroken of not been pregnant. 

This month over last few days I become very tired and just not feeling myself, today I’m 2 days late and got sore breasts so I decided to test and yet again it’s negative. 

Has anyone else struggled so much to point where they just don’t no what todo anymore? I just need to speak with people who get where I’m coming from and how I’m feeling as everyone round me has babies and gets pregnant just like that. 

Thank you to who ever reads and reply’s 😁


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    edited May 7, 2023 8:24AM
    Hello, Hannah, I am also writing here for the first time and your words seems like my thoughts- every month is getting harder to face another negative/or simply getting AF. 
    Although I am still jealous of your situation, you already have one and I am in the stage of trying for the first one and this emptiness is very heavy. How long has it been for now since you are waiting? How long did it take with the first one?
  • Hi 

    With my first it toke me 4 years, I was eventually diagnosed with endometriosis and was told I’d never have children so I stopped trying and then I got caught on which was a miracle. 

    Now I have been re trying since December and the thought of going through it all again the heart break every month just makes you feel so lonely like nobody gets what your going through 
  • Uff, that sounds tough indeed. I am very much afraid to do further tests, not sure if I would not collapse completely if I learned that there is actually something wrong. But I will definitely go with further testing because some knowledge is better than none and I prefer to do something about (like medication or whatever) it if ever possible. 
    I think I am just living on my 'hormonal' state- when period comes, I am taking it very badly, partially depressed etc, but then towards the end of period days I am getting hopeful again and getting ready "to work on it again"..and then again TWW... and all over again. Very unstable, I must say. I almost need to take a day off every month when I am just too sad to handle another "failed" month 
  • Hi Hannah, it’s really tough and heartbreaking every month isn’t it. Im in a similar situation as you, trying for our 2nd since October now and every month no luck. Every month I think to myself this is the month!! Then my period arrives and I get in such a low state.  
    It’s really difficult but I guess we can’t give up.. xx
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