CD13 & bored already!!


Im so bored already this cycle feels like it's dragging LOL

Like title says am only CD13 havent even ov'ed yet & already im bored!! Can you imagine what the 2ww will be like!!!

Were doing SMEP this cycle & so far have managed every other night.

Oh is away Fri night till Sat eve so hope I dont get a peak then as will be well & truly peed off.

Was gona spice it up a bit last night as I knew he would be tired so I tried a corset on that oh likes & couldnt breathe!! By the time I managed to get the damn thing off I thought I was gona pass out so there's no way I wouldve survived waiting for him to arrive home in it LOL!!

No point to this post really just feel like it's dragging, any tips to keep me going/busy feel free to share!! xxx


  • That's really funny! Have this image of you rolling around on the floor battling to get the stupid corset off!

    I once did the same sort of thing - put on some saucy undies and waited for hubby to come home. And waited.....and waited......and waited......and waited. Hubby had gone out on the lash and not told me! He got a right good telling off, I can tell you!

    Know what you mean about the boredom aspect of ttc. The whole 2ww thing is just so pointless don't you think? I wish you could somehow know right after you ov, so you wouldn't have to wait at all, and also booze away to your hearts content!
  • LOL I have done the whole waiting thing before, tried positioning myself on the bed in a sext pose & was still there 2 hours later LOL!!!!!

    Ended up leaving all the undies on the bed & going sleep so he could see what he had missed PMSL!!!

    That would be good, no more 2ww cause you'd know the minute you conceived!!! xxx
  • Hmmmm, why is it that when you HAVE to bd, it can become a bit tiresome and mechanical, and yet when you do it just cos you want to, it's fine?! It's hard work this ttc lark!

    Anyway, we're also going to try the SMEP this month... DH doesn't know what he's in for yet!!! I'm sure it'll bring a whole new meaning to the word knackered! And the MiL and FiL are staying at what I think will be my most fertile time... Any suggestions for coping with that situation in a small 2 bedroom flat, eeek :roll:
  • Ha Ha it's not so much the bd at the moment cause im quite enjoying it I just feel like its taking agaes to ov & then got the whole blimin 2ww to contend with LOL!!!

    Hmmm that will be interesting with the in laws staying!!! But may be fun trying to keep the noise down cause you know there nxt door LOL!!!

    Good Luck hun xx
  • aw hun, i had some horrid long cycles and loads of highs for the first few after my mc and they seemed to drag on for years!!!!! you will get that peak just bear with it! the 2ww does suck admittedly either way, i dont think there's anything we can do to make it better! xxx
  • Ahhh I have always had longish cycles 32 days is quite good for me!!

    Normally it's just the 2ww that does it for me with the cbfm were reminded each day what CD were on LOL!! xx

  • yeah true, mine averaged about 28 - 34 after stopping the pill but had a couple even longer (42 & 48) just before my bfp, it was only the last one that was back to 32 days and this one is looking to be about 28, and i'm almost 7 months on from my mmc!!!! xx
  • Same here hun after I came off the injection I had a year of anything from 25-48 days!!! After 1st mmc they seemed to settle into 32 days so thats something at least. xx
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