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Any advice or success stories? Please 🙏

Hi guys,

Iv been bleeding for 4 days one of which was just spotting but I have had a positive pregnancy test everyday for a week including today?

I have no cramps or pain.

I have nausea on and off throughout the day and I’m tired beyond belief? 

If I was having a chemical would I have positive tests and pregnancy symptoms?

I was testing positive from 12 dpo.

Anyone had this and still been pregnant?

Thanks in advance x


  • I just poas again because I have such a strong feeling and it’s so much darker!! Iv read that hcg doesn’t rise with a chemical but this is much stronger from yesterday and this morning!
    is this a good sign?
  • Hey hun I was the same as you I’m now 15+2, your test does look stronger so fingers crossed!!xx
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