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This entire experience is really taking a toll emotionally

Hello everyone, I am 23 years old. The last few months my husband and I have stopped using any protection. We both really want a baby. My cycles used to be 28/29 days, and all of a sudden now they are 33/36 the last 2 months. I obviously took test after test, box after box, thinking I was pregnant. 

Those two months were horrible on me. I’ve been very emotional with each negative test. I am now on month three, and I’m on day 35 of my cycle with no sign of my period. 

I cannot bring myself to take another test. The last two months I’ve been late and it hasn’t been pregnancy, I just know this time is the same thing. 

I will say that I am VERY stressed lately with work related things. That has been the one change in the last few months, so I wonder if stress is partially contributing to the changes in my cycle. I am starting to wonder if I won’t be able to have children if my periods keep being irregular, I watch everyone around me get pregnant so easily, and as much as I’m happy for them I would be lying to say it doesn’t hurt. I guess I’m just looking for a pick me up/advice/ similar stories. 

Thank you. 



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    I should also add, I did ovulation tests around the time that my period tracker said I should be ovulating last month and got negatives on a digital for ovulation!  :#

    So I am honestly not sure what to think… I stopped doing ovulation tests after awhile, it was disappointing to see the negatives.
  • Hi, I’ve been trying a few months myself and found the ovulation tracking so frustrating, but it needs quite a few months of logging data to get more and more accurate. That said I would suggest taking the tests as soon as you finish a period and keep doing it till you hit a positive day. Stress can absolutely play a big part in success unfortunately. And don’t worry I know people who have had babies with irregular periods and they were very surprise to say the least! 
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