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Fertility pill and supplement confusion

Hi, been trying to conceive a few months and taking the standard folic acid tablets. But is there any proof or reason to believe some of these specialised pills aimed at increasing fertility work? And if so does anyone have a recommendations. There’s so many out there it’s a little overwhelming. Thanks! 


  • I have just started taking Impryl at the recommendation of my friend who was trying for 9 months and fell pregnant after a month of taking it. Will keep you posted! 
  • I'm on my 2nd month of trying Conceive Plus fertility and ovulation tablets. Will let you know how I get on. 
  • Very randomly I checked my folic acid levels with a blood test today, after approximately 10 months of taking TTC type of supplements (different ones, all included some folic acid) and I am shocked because I am on excess. I was taking it as per doctor's recommendations since people normally don't have enough folic acid so I definitely didn't expect to have too much of it!! I am very annoyed and angry now, googling that excess is actually no good not only for a possible pregnancy but also for any adult in general. So... I would advice to check your levels from time to time. :)
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