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Very slow FRER line progression?

Hey everyone, I'm just looking for some opinions or hopefully success stories... Sorry if I haven't posted in the right place - but I got a verrrrrry faint squinter of a line at 12dpo FMU. At 13dpo FMU it had darkened. I was hoping this morning (14dpo) it would be a lot darker, but it hasn't really changed from yesterday. Should I expect to see a daily darkening or is it every 48 hours normally? I'm really worried its a chemical or ectopic or something. I'm an anxious person anyway and all sorts of what ifs are going through my head now. I thought once you get your positive that's it. But I'm not sure really. Thanks in advance for any opinions/success stories. (lines look much pinker in real life compared to photo quality)


  • They double every 24-48 hours so re test in 2/3 days and see if they’ve progressed, although I can’t really see the lines on the images apart from one or two x
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