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Late period and unusual symptoms


My periods is very regular with a 28 day cycle. But for the last 2 cycles when I had sex a day before and on the ovulation day, I didn't get my period on the expected date. Instead, two days before my expected period, I had heavy white discharge and on my expected period date, white discharge as well. Which later converted to very little brown discharge for a couple of days. And I had cramping and tightness in my lower area for the days when I was mildly spotting. 4 days after my expected period, I start to get more brown discharge and later in the day that become red blood flow. I believe I am on my period now. But I can't explain why I had all those other symptoms and a late period.
My usual period only causes cramping on my first day of full bleeding and it doesn't last after that. Really confused if my fertilization is not happening or implantation is failing. Help is appreciated.


  • It's not unusual to have a few strays, I had 28 day cycle 4 months in a row and then suddenly 45 day cycle! 
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