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Help please... what is this PHOTO'S

Hi all

29th of May was first day of last menstruation. My cycles are 28, 29, 30 or 31 days. Mostly 30 days. Today I am on cycle day 35. I have never had such a long cycle. I also have some pregnancy signs like nasea lower back pain etc. However, I have been taking pregnancy test from cycle day 30 uptill now and still negative. I don't understand...

And even stranger... I have been losing little pieces of tissue since 3 days now. Without any bleeding. Just clean looking light colored pieces of tissue, looks like chickenbreast structure. They always come out as soon as I pee, I'll find them in the toilet. I am cramping just a bit. Sorry English is not my first language I hope I am clear. I will add photos of the 3 days of tissue. The tissue is smaller than a finger nail.

If this would be a miscarriage i would be 5 weeks now... and I should have had a positive test I belive... also, I had sex for the last time on the 13th of June. I have no idea whats going on


  • photo of today 
  • I don't think anyone here would be able to give you the answer you need, for genuine concerns you need a doctor. This could be big bits of uterine lining but the lack of blood is strange. Sorry I don't know what it is but please seek help so you can get an answer 
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