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Struggling with conception

I'm so glad I found this chatroom, because I've felt so lonely about it. My two best friends got pregnant so easily it seems and I feel so left behind. I'm godmother to both children and they have been nothing but supportive. I've been with my husband since we've been 18 and he is BORN to be a dad. Only recently he's been making reference to him "hopefully not firing blanks" and "being the one in the wrong". He has NEVER once blamed me. But I'm really reaching the stage of maybe there really is something wrong. Just looking for some support x


  • Hi there! I agree completely with EeshanIVF. It's a good idea for both of you to visit a fertility specialist and get some tests done. I wish you the best of luck!
  • hello @LisaMac92 :) you’re not alone. I’ve been TTC since Nov22 and still unsuccessful so far. If you don’t mind, I’d like you to join our thread here to form a consistent group support for one another!
  • Hello there. I am new here. I have just been feeling so depressed. I haven't used contraception since December 2015 and this year my husband and I thought that maybe we should get some help. My husband got tested and he is fine. I have an appointment in September. The thing is I have irregular periods where I can bleed for up to 4 weeks straight. The time that I am not bleeding usually lasts about 11 days then my period comes. I have been to the doctors few years ago about this before but they don't seem to know why my periods are like this. Eventually I gave up but since getting married last year it has sparked a new hope. However every time I get my period I get so depressed and that I am letting my husband down. He says that I am not and he is being wonderful but I still feel so depressed and helpless. 
  • Dear LisMac92, rainydayy, Yellowprettypoet, TulipStar,

    Fertiity challenges can feel very lonely.  It's not like you want to shout your information from the rooftop and then there's the interesting advice you can get. It does seem reasonable to get some testing done. It's unfortunate you're not getting guidance on your cycles, TuliipStar. Julia Indichova offers wonderful guidance on lots of factors that may be affecting fertility.  There is also an option for community.  It is more like working with yourself as a science project, trying what seems reasonable and looking to your body for guidance.  Also loving yourself! Wishing you all the best.
  • @TulipStar hugs, you’re not alone. what date in Sept will your appt be? Hope that you’ll have more clarity after getting the results. Wishing the best for you. X 
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