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TTC since April 2023

Hi, new here! Typing this up as I'm in a spiral of 'is this implantation, PMS or nothing?'. Had my IUD removed in April and was lucky enough to have my period within a few weeks. I've somewhat normalized to a 21 day cycle. Use Clear blue ovulation strips. The first month we only had sex during ovulation and the next day (also it was awkward). Then ovulation and 2 days after. This month (period due in 2 days - 7/23) we had sex every other day the week of ovulation, once peak hit then daily. 2 days ago I felt insane cramping, no spotting. I'm so in my head about Monday. What are your methods to just relax until period day. It's almost like im creating symptoms. 34 F (never conceived, always on BC). Husband 39 M
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