Just a little update from me and a goodbye !!

Hiya ladies,

Hope you are all okay and sorry to hear about ure loss.

I thought I would give you a little update about me.

Some of you will remember I started to mc on my Birthday the 19th March :\( and lost the baby on Sunday the 21st March.
I went the EPU when had 1st bit of blood on the 19th and seen a little sack measuring 5 weeks but I should have been 8 weeks,

I stopped bleeding around 5 days after and started to TTC soon after. I got a bfn around 10 days after mc.
As I knew what I wanted me and my ov decided to try straight away and few weeks later I got my BFP without having my first AF. After paying visits to the EPU with this pregnancy I realised I fell pregnant just 13 days after my mc, so its very true you are more fertile after a mc. I was over the moon but obviously worried sick.
Have been the EPU 4 times now last time was last friday I am now 10w6 days so 11 weeks tomorrow :\). Dont get me wrong I always think about the pregnancy I lost, I should have been around 20 weeks but I am so happy I got preg straight away, it was my way of dealing with what had happened.

I would like to wish all you lovely ladies the best and hope you all have some good news soon. I swore by this room when I was going through what I went through and some of the lovely ladies helped me deal with my mc.

Just think positive.

Suze and babybops 10+6. xx


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