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So torn on deciding to try for no2!? 😫

Just wondering if anyone is or has been in a similar position. I always wanted 2 children when I was younger but then when hubby and I had DD (3 in Oct) we both seemed quite settled on being one and done.
She barely slept as a newborn, had awful reflux so had to be kept up for ages after a feed , wanted to sleep on us etc. So for months we, mainly me when he went back to work, coped on 3 hours of broken sleep a night. Eventually it does all get better and we find ourselves thinking of no 2!
But I'm so worried about it being too hard especially with a child. I often get into her bed now as she still doesn't sleep through and asks for me.
Also worried about costs as we both work FT so new baby would have to go to FT childcare again like DD does.
We don't get help from family aside from my mum on a Fri afternoon, she picks up DD a few hours earlier but that's it. 

I would love for DD to have a sibling and someone to grow up with as my sister and I are so close but that's not guaranteed to be thr case is it? 
Then I worry how we'll cope with 2 is school holidays! I'm already worrying about how much holiday club I'm going to have to use for DD

😫 my head has been in a spin lately and I just feel I'm having a head and heart battle. 

Can anyone offer any words of wisdom if you've felt in the Sam position?

We also aren't getting any younger. I'm 34, 35 in March and hubby is 39 this September and he always said he wouldn't ideally want another past 40. So doesn't give us a lot of time.
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