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Odd rash /spots

edited Aug 18, 2023 8:02PM in Trying to conceive
I'd seen a previous post about possible implantation / early pregnancy rashes although can't see much about them otherwise. i came out with these spots on Sunday...on my inner arm and since on my other arm, then a couple of clusters on my back - hardly itchy at all , haven't changed anything diet or washing wise and not normally prone to any rashes like this, if I've ever been bitten it's one spot that goes after a day or so,  and new ones are still showing up 4 days after I noticed the first on my arm - just not sure if it's definitely too early to be be experiencing a symtom like this, 

I remember the first thing I noticed with my first pregnancy was a spot on my nipple but I don't know if that's more to go by because of where it was, and I believe that showed up when I was a bit further along. 

I know a major long shot, just wondered  if anyone had had similar before a positive test? 
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