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Ovulation Test Stress

Hello! So currently on my first month of TTC baby #4. First time ever using Ovulation tests.
I was using the Clearblue advanced digital O tests (purple ones), but as of CD16 (today) I had my 7th flashing smiley in a row. Feeling a bit disheartened. Periods vary between 28-31 days.
I’ve gone through the digital ones pretty quick and only have 2 left, so thought I’d get some First Response midstream ovulation tests. I took one tonight because I’m impatient and wanted to “test drive” before my first morning urine tomorrow, however after two hours of holding my urine in and it being 7pm (so definitely not a first morning urine or very concentrated by any means) there was absolutely NO test line. 
Does this sound right if I had a flashing smile this morning, meaning there is at least SOME high fertility? 
I’m just starting to get a bit disappointed having 7 straight days of flashing smileys with no solid smile yet, and no test line kinda bought me down a bit more haha! 
Is it normal to have no surge yet? As I said, first time ever using ovulation tests, so not sure when an average peak is!
thank you in advance 🥰
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