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Arm implant removal & trying to conceive

Hi I had my Neplaxon removed on the 7th august then had bleeding that started on the 9th and never stopped until the 20th. Starting on the 3rd of September until the 9th I had a creamy white discharge (sorry bit TMI). On the 10th when I wiped I had a very light pink blood like discharge but only that one time I wiped I suspected this could have been implantation bleeding so I took a pregnancy test which was negative however my normal cycle I would have been due my period 5 days ago but I know after implant removal they can change. I’m having mood swings, small cramping in bottom of stomach, a tingling feeling in my stomach that’s noticeably there almost all day and my boobs are wee bit harder than normal and slightly tender I’m also very tired. I’ve been reading online that you can experience very similar symptoms when you are ovulating, or due your period. It’s me and my husbands anniversary and I don’t want to have a drink or two if I am pregnant. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?  
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