2ww cramps

Hi girls,
It's too early for my AF but the last few days I have had mild AF cramps, am I going overboard with the symptom spotting or have you experienced this. This months 2ww is driving me mad!!


  • Hi Hun

    I dont think your going overboard, you cant help but wonder when your in the 2ww. I've experienced ov/af twinges in the 2ww before, I started getting them say almost a wk after ov & they didnt let up through the whole 2ww I did get a bfp that time.

    I notice now tho that I do get some kind of twinge or cramp somewere in the 2ww.

    Hope it's a lucky sign for you luv xxx
  • Hi babyluv - I was going to post exactly the same question as you today! I am currently 8 DPO and having lots of lower back and tummy cramps. The trouble is I seem to get this in the 2WW as PMT but also when I got my BFP so I don't know which it is this time. Would love BFP as sooo many of my friends are pregnant and I am feeling a bit down at the moment! Fingers crossed for both of us! Emma
  • i've had this the time i got my bfp and times when i havent, i think there's so much going on in our bodies at that time whether it results in a bfp or a bfn. x
  • Hey guys, thanks for replying. I did write another ranting reply earlier but BE ate it!!
    You are right it could be just my body playing tricks on me. It is handy to know I'm not alone though! Rocky weren't you due to test soon? Laura i know you are having a Feb bfp, Good luck Emma I'm 8dpo too!xx
  • he he I think my brain has gone to mush cause was gona say can I have that in writing then realsied it was LOL!! Dah!!! If I was further along my cycle i'd swear I have baby brain!!

    Good Luck ladies it's nice having cycle buddies along the way then we can all be bump buddies too, hows that for PMA xxx
  • Hi Babyluv - we can be cycle buddies then! I'm not going to test until a few weeks late if AF doesn't arrive, probably early Feb sometime. Good luck!
  • I usually get mild cramps for the 2nd of the 2ww but I also did when I got my bfp. Flippin 2ww huh! Hope it is good news for you xx
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