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Ok need some help! TTC confused

Ok so I have a period tracker (flo) and i always count DPO from the day it tells me is my ovulation day. Or do you count from when it says you fertile days are done? I’ve confused myself 😂😂 I think I’m 15dpo with BFN and AF due today but no signs of her! Flo said take a test  in 2 days unless AF. arrives! Also have a 26 day cycle but seems to be going to 28 so that don’t help so AF due today or tomorrow I guess? 

Also apologies for the erratic barely understandable post, I have ADHD and sometimes my brain is like an erratic no lid on, blender 😂😂😝 


  • So DPO starts day after you actually ovulate. Are you just using the calendar?? Or do you do ov tests? I would recommend tracking in one other form other than the calendar. At least monitor your cervical fluid that may give you an additional edge 
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