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Is it always this upsetting

Last month I was convinced I was pregnant. We hadn't really been trying but we also wernt being carfull. I went to a family party a few days before Christmas and after 1 glass of wine spent the night with my head in the toilet and it wasn't the only time that month that that has happened. My hole family thought I was pregnant and I was so exited. Took the test on Christmas eve, it was negative and got my period on Christmas day. I was so upset. 

My husband was supprisingly upset too. We decided to start ttc this month. Cut out all alcohol, cafiine and taking all the vitamins. Timed sex around my cycle. Had a negative test yesterday and just had my period. Its just so upsetting. I know I'm being silly and it's only my first try. All of my husbands siblings have children and hes the oldest. we got married last August. Im 30 and hes 33. Just looking for simular experiences. Thankyou. 
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