AF or BFP... Getting frustrated now!!

Hey ladies

feeling a bit frustrated!! Have had some blood/pink in my CM over the course of this week. To begin with I hoped it might be implantation but I never had one with my last pregnancy so didn't have anything to compare. Then on Wednesday had really bad cramps in the morning and at night there was increased CM which wwas darker in colour, thought that was start of AF. But didn't come to anything. Now I just have slightly discoloured CM when I wipe, still no sign of AF. Had some mild cramps this morning so came to work armed with tampax but still nothing! No AF symptoms or early preg for that matter!

4 weeks since I miscarried and been ttc again for 3. Just frustrated cos I just want AF to make an appearance if that's what's going to happen so I can get started on my CBFM for the first time! I suppose I am just being impatient but it's hard when I don't understand what my body is doing!

Very frustrating!



  • Hi there i know exactly what you are going through i had very similar experience after my mc. after 2 month of no af i had slight spotting no red blood and the discoloured discharge you mention and cramps thought it may be implantation bleed but didnt result to anything no af and no bfp. i am still waiting for my af after 11 weeks and have just been to docs to see whats going on. I completely understand the frustration as i too want my body back where i know whats going on! Have you done hpt???
  • Hey hun, no how your feeling. I had a mmc in march but decided to go down the constructive management route which didnt work and then had a managed misscarriage in hospital on 24th april. on 8th may repeated pg test which finally showed negative and have been taking bbt religiously every morning since before mmc. according to FF my AF was due yday but she still hasnt made an apperance, did a pg test on 12dpo, which was BFN! so feeling rather annoyed that 10 weeks after my mmc i'm still waiting for AF. i didnt think it wud tk so long to get bk to normal. tk a pg test thou, just incase, u never no!
  • Well then ladies I really was just being impatient cos AF is here. Pleased to finally know and get my cycle back quickly.

    Started my cbfm today so maybe (hopfully) it will be our month!! Fingers crossed!

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