CD 17 and Smiley face on Clearlblue ovulation test


I did my ovulation test at 8am this morning which is around the same time I always do them and no smiley face. I did one again at 5pm and smiley face.
I was trying to follow SMEP which now justs recommends sex once a day for the next three nights. I don't think this is enough. We BDed thsi morning and intend to do it again tonight and the same Monday and Tuesday. I am so determined to fall pregnant this month. Do you think I am overdoing it and that it could have the results that I won't get pregnant because we have BDed too much?


  • Hi Ellie,

    I've read that every other day is best as it allows the sperm to mature - think quality not quantity!

    I asked the question last month so if you look at my other topics you can see what the other girls have to say! And the great sperm race is amazing if you have time to watch!

    Despite that, last month was our first month trying after mmc and I was so determined so we bd every day for a week and sadly no BFP.

    It feels like you're wasting an opportunity if you miss a day doesn't it?!

    SMEP is a plan that has worked for many people including me first time around, so it must have it's reasons for recommending once a day for 3 days, not twice a day or more!!

    Having said all that, I'm sure there are women who have got pg just by having loads of sex!! So, it's really your choice hun!

    Have fun and best of luck!! xx
  • Hi Ellie, whatever you fancy doing really, I would say once a day enough but....gor for it!! I'm on CD19 and still no smiley - doing my head in!! Zxx
  • Thanks ladies. Just going for it this months and BDing as much as possible and just hope it works.
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