cd 14 of the SMEP and still no pos ov

I am currently on theSMEP and I have not gotten a pos ovulation test yet. We have been bd'ing every other night as the plan calls for (although we were bad and bd on one of my off days) but I was wondering if any of the ladies here are tracking their ov by testing, what day I'd you get a positive? I'm pretty sure Im using them correctly, I read over the directions a few times just to get them right. I also had what looked like fertile cm 2 days ago and yesterday, so I don't know.


  • i use a cbfm and on the cycle before my bfp i got a high on cd17 & 18 and then a peak, the cycle following my mmc i really couldn't tell you as it was about 6 weeks! but the one after that i got highs from cd28 and then peak at cd32!!!!!
  • I have a 28/29 day cycle and ov anything from cd11 to cd16. Its never the same day. Keep up the baby dancing!
  • Thank you both. I started feeling like I might not ov this month, but Ill just continue the testing for the rest of this month.
  • Hi im CD16 on my first 'proper' cycle after mmc and i have had a faint line on my ov stick for the first time today. I know before mmc my cycle was 26 days and i always ov'd on CD14 so something has changed somewhere.

    Good luck, keep BDing!!!

    Karen x
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