Update from my last post...

I posted on here the other day about missing my AF and all the tests coming back neg. Well my doc sent off my urine sample and that too came back neg! I'm so confused! I feel like I did with my last 2 pg's so I do feel pg, I was sick last night and feel very sick today, suffering from bad headaches, my belly is all bloated and it's usually quite flat, constantly feeling hungry and eating more, very moody and cry over little things and needing to wee more. But why are the tests coming back neg!? It's driving me crazy not knowing cause I want a baby more than anything image I don't know what else I can do. Emma x


  • It's horrid being in limbo isn't it? I'm 13dpo today, and wee'd lots today. usually my AF comes 10/11dpo. neg tests yesterday and today. I'd just like a bfp or an AF now, tho obv preferably a bfp!! Did the docs say anything about repeating tests or doing bloods if AF still doesn't show?
  • aww hun (((hugs))) it's awful not knowing, I would push for a blood test, the urine test the doctor did would be no real different to the test you do at home yourself but a blood test would be alot more accurate, when did you last test? xx
  • I agree with Huni - a urine test at the doctors is just the same as a urine test at home. You should have been given a blood test really.

    I'm afraid I can't really tell you why the tests are coming back negative all the time, but I can offer you my support and my thoughts.

    Hope you get closure soon and it's a positive after all.

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