My Brilliant GP!

Went to my GP today as had nots of unanswered questions about my ectopic in September. She was brilliant, so kind and very pro-active at the same time.

She answered all my questions and the ones she didn't know she called a consultant up there and then to ask him!

She's sending me for blood tests to check i'm not anaemic and also to check my folate and potassium levels. She's also checking my rubella immunisation still works as some women need a top up.

They also said after 16 years as a GP she's only seen a handful of women who have a second ectopic which reassured me. She also confirmed that it's 3 months to ttc regardless of how many doses of methotrexate you have.

Came out feeling a whole lot better! x x


  • Im glad to hear you got ur questions answered hun and ur feeling a lot better!!

    Its amazing what a bit of reassurance can do!! Sounds like ur getting a full MOT which is a good thing!!

    Im glad she said that about ectopic, confirms what the midwife said to me yesterday!! xx
  • yay! thats ace hun! wish all gp's were as helpful! x
  • good for you! im so glad you found a good one
  • Oh that's so lovely Mafia - it's great to here from someone having a positive doctor experience! It must be very reassuring that she is taking your worries seriously, and also great to know you will be able to start ttc again soon!

  • Glad that you have such a lovely GP who could answer your questions & reassure you xxx
  • Fab news! Just think it's only a month till xmas, the new year then ttc... it'll be here before you know it!x
  • I'm so pleased MP, it's so nice when someone listens to you and addresses your concerns properly. Really good news matey

    Jodie xx
  • Thanks girls! Went for my blood tests today and it was a bit sore, but glad i've had them and should have the results by Friday. Well done my GP-not often there's a great story to be told about the mdical profession on here!x x
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